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Our sessions start at 10:00 am and end at noon, Monday through Friday.  The sessions were designed to break up the monotony, enable you to meet new friends, show you something new, and most importantly, they were designed to be fun!  The camp Leaders know their stuff and are entertaining and engaging. You will have time to get to know the other 4-7 other campers in your cabin every day. There is no homework and there are no grades.

Choose the sessions that are right for you. Pick one or as many sessions as you like!

Six SOLD OUT Sessions

Powerful Presence: Public Speaking & Presenting with Sherhara Downing

What do interviewing for a job, coaching a team, training your dog, and babysitting all have in common? Give up? They all require presence and the ability to command and hold the attention of other people.  If you are interested in improving this life skill, you should sign up for Powerful Presence: Public Speaking & Presenting.

Description: Did you know the #1 fear of the average person is public speaking? Public Speaking can be a natural ability, but more often than not it is a learned skill. The ability to present confidently is a life skill. This course will provide tips to prepare, create, and deliver outstanding speeches and presentations. On Friday LIVE! campers will get a chance to practice their presentations in front of the entire camp.

Sherhara Downing is a certified facilitator, presenter, and public speaking coach. She has an extensive background hosting live events, and as an international corporate trainer and facilitator, she teaches corporate professionals proven strategies and tactics to transform communication skills. Her client list includes, AT&T, Toyota, DirecTV, and more. Sherhara educates, engages, and empowers audiences to elevate communication skills that improve productivity and performance. Sherhara’s passion is to make human interaction effortless.

Lights, Camera, Action: Acting for TV with Suzanne Regan & Joe Stearns

Would you rather act in a true crime TV show than watch one? Do you wish all of your TikToks would go viral? If so, you should sign up for Lights, Camera, Action: Acting for TV. Who knows? You might even be discovered.

Description: This course will discuss acting techniques designed specifically for on-camera performances for those who want to work on TV, industrial videos, commercials and film. It will also cover what’s needed for the business of acting, and what training and materials you need to get started. Actors will make cameo appearances to share their insights about the industry. On Friday LIVE! there will be a panel discussion with working actors.

Suzanne Regan is a SAG/AFTRA/EQUITY actor who has starred in major theater, film, and TV productions. She is a singer, musician, writer, arts advocate, and award winning stage director. She has worked with television icons, and Pulitzer Prize winning playwrights and is currently developing projects for theaters in the Midwest and working as a talent agent.

Joe Stearns has been involved in theatre for the past two decades. He was the founder and Artistic Director of Signal Ensemble Theatre in Chicago, winning several Jeff Awards and much critical praise. He focuses on the art and craft of acting and understands the nuances needed to maximize a performance. Additionally, he is a certified wine sommelier and experienced professional musician.

Calling All Cars: Automotive Technology & Design with Matt Troyer & Ken Smith

Did you start counting the days until you get your driver’s permit when you turned 13? Do you already have your license? Are you looking forward to self-driving cars? Do you want to understand what is under the hood? If so, then Calling All Cars: Automotive Technology & Design will definitely meet your needs.

Description: This course provides a general overview of basic automotive terminology and technology to explain how cars work. It will cover how an internal combustion engine works; how manufacturers decide on design styles; and how technology trends are helping to create the cars of tomorrow. On Friday LIVE! there will be a Question and Answer session and campers will take a virtual tour of a 1965 Buick Skylark convertible.

Matt Troyer and Ken Smith help global automakers spread the word about their automotive designs and features to consumers, dealers, manufacturers, and automotive sales teams. They are the premier go-to guys in the automotive training world and have developed training programs for Toyota, Lexus, Nissan, Volkswagen, and Porsche. Each year they each travel to dozens of cities across the U.S. and around the world talking about cars.
Matt represents large corporations in the automotive industry and speaks in front of hundreds of thousands of people annually. Ken has driven performance vehicles on closed tracks, road courses, and ridden motorcycles around the country and is an aficionado of all vehicles.

The Art of Graphic Narratives with Amy Kurzweil

Do you love to doodle? Are you tempted to draw on napkins? Do you love the comics? If you answered yes to any of these questions then The Art of Graphic Narratives is for you. After this session, you will see cartoons in a new light.

Description:  In this course, you will learn about and explore the process of creating a work of comics, from idea generation to sketches to final finish. Follow along with a professional cartoonist as you marry the techniques and principles of cartoon-storytelling with your own creative ideas to tell an original short story. On Friday LIVE!, the week culminates in a live-share of your creative work with the author and fellow campers.

Amy Kurzweil is a New Yorker cartoonist and the author of Flying Couch: a graphic memoir (a New York Times Editor’s Choice and a Kirkus “Best Memoir” of 2016). Her writing, comics, and cartoons have also been published in The Believer Magazine, Longreads, Literary Hub, Wired, Cosmopolitan, Catapult, and many other places. Her cartooning work has been nominated for a Reubens Award; she’s received fellowships from MacDowell and Djerassi, and she was a 2019 Shearing Fellow with the Black Mountain Institute. Amy has a BA from Stanford University and an MFA from The New School. She’s taught for Parsons School of Design, The Fashion Institute of Technology, Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth, and elsewhere. She’s working on her second graphic memoir, Artificial: a love story.

True Crime: Introduction to Criminal Law & Criminal Cases with Dr. James D. Diamond

Do you think Carole Baskin killed her husband? Do you love CSI? If you are obsessed with murder mysteries and crime stories then True Crime: Introduction to Criminal Law & Criminal Cases is for you. After this session, you might even want to become a lawyer.

Description: This course will give an introduction into how criminal law and criminal cases really work in the U.S. The course will include colorful true crime examples and will dispel common misconceptions about criminal law that students gain from watching popular television shows and movies.
On Friday LIVE! there will be a Question and Answer session with Dr. Diamond.

Dr. James D. Diamond is a former state prosecutor and experienced criminal lawyer with a colorful clientele. He is an astute observer of courts and the law and has extensive criminal trial experience. He was the lead lawyer in more than 1,000 criminal cases.
He is the author of the recent book: After The Bloodbath: Is Healing Possible in The Wake of Rampage Shootings? Dr. Diamond is admitted to practice law in the states of Connecticut, New York and Arizona along with numerous federal courts, including the United States Supreme Court.

The Influence of Design: History & Design of Logos with Curt Doty

Do you wonder how the ancient Egyptians communicated? Do you obsess about different type fonts? If so, The Influence of Design: History & Design of Logos is for you. We will take you back in time and bring you back to the present with the history of logos and design.

Description:  The history of communication and branding will be explored  starting with symbols, ancient cuneiform, and hieroglyphics, fast forwarding to the Gutenberg press, followed by an exploration of posters, Cubism, photography, and ending with the digital revolution and democratization of graphic design. On Friday LIVE!, campers will have a chance to present their logos for critique.

Curt Doty is a former studio executive and award-winning marketer with an extensive legacy in television having created branding and image campaigns for clients such as Warner Bros TV, TV Guide, Discovery, ABC, FX, to name a few.
He has taught at his alma mater, Art Center College of Design and the School of Visual Arts in NYC. He has lectured all over the world at SCAD, FullSail, Promax and Mobile World Congress. Curt is a visionary and outspoken creative on what is happening at the intersection of technology, content and design.

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