Sessions led by nationally-recognized experts

The Leaders of each one-week session are experts in their field and in many cases college and graduate school professors. They are presenting material that has been tailored to the high school audience and is designed to provide exposure to and enthusiasm for new ideas, concepts, and skills. Here’s what our all-star roster has to say about SynaVoice SOL.

Sherhara Downing

“What a great way to expose young people to an array of subject matters! This summer camp went beyond the camps I remember! And the students were extremely engaging and sharp! Teaching them was my pleasure and SynaVoice SoL should be in thousands more homes of high schoolers!”

Matt Troyer

“It was great to see a diverse group of high school students joining together from across the country to participate in the time-honored tradition of summer camp. And it was remarkable to see technology allowing this camp to be held uniquely in a virtual environment with virtual cabins, but with the same involvement and spirit of learning, and engaging of others, that all summer camps have inspired.”

Ken Smith

“It was refreshing to see how interested and open-minded the students were. Their ability to dig into a brand new subject, create content, AND present it all to us on the final class was simply amazing. Bringing together students from outside their current social area is a very positive and motivating concept. It forces them to adjust quickly, work with new personalities, and new teachers. This kind of shake up would be valuable to continue even after things get back to normal.”

Suzanne Regan

“My experience with the SynaVoice SOL Acting for Camera camp was positive. It was great to see kids from all over the country, from all walks of life, who were eager to learn about how to be present and authentic on camera. It was great to see some kids who were a bit shy open up. It was great to see kids adjust a performance when given direction. It is always satisfying to be in a room, albeit virtual, with like-minded human beings, exploring new ideas to figure stuff out.”

Joe Stearns

“Participating in the SynaVoice SOL camp was such a pleasure. It’s always rewarding for me to share my experience and knowledge of my craft and profession, but to see it come alive in the form of young students reminds me of why I was so enamored with theater and performance in the first place.
Thank you for providing me with a platform to teach, and a platform for young adults to explore a new and bigger world. “

Amy Kurzweil
Dr. James Diamond
Curt Doty

SynaVoice SOL was created by SynaVoice in response to the pandemic. For more information contact info@SynaVoice.com.

Copyright (c) 2021 SynaVoice LLC

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